There were some nice features, like the encyclopedia thing and weapon proficiencies, but overall… it was a disappointment. I found out about DD and i played it. Obviously, the more Djinn you have on set, the more powerful the summons you can call upon. I received Dark Dawn as a present from my brother (another GS fanatic), played it, completed it, and was thoroughly underwhelmed. Maybe we’ll eventually get Golden Sun: The Lost Age on Wii U Virtual Console, and this might somehow lead to interest in a fourth game. It is now almost 2014. Dark Dawn follows the adventures of the descendants of the previous games' protagonists as they attempt to resolve the problems caused by the Psynergy Vortexes. If Dark Dawn didn’t sell that much, the developers must be taking extra time when thinking about developing a new game. It was still a new world to explore, even if it was just Angara, there were places of Angara we never saw before. That’s stupid! One thing that really makes a game is the soundtrack, which was phenominal. What the users think. I remember the anime adaptation of Tales of Symphonia, and it was rather good. Man, I wish that they’d have released the games for the 3DS instead of the Wii U. I’d much rather play them on my 3DS since I have one of those and at present I only have a Wii, which is in my mother’s room. That game captivated me so much, I began researching elements from the game (alchemy, elements, etc.). Best childhood game, right next to Zelda. Yepi69 Jill-sandwiched. ( Log Out /  Neoseeker Forums » Nintendo DS Games » Golden Sun: Dark Dawn » The Next Golden Sun, Remake Sequel or Spin Off. The golden sun world and games are fantastic. [6] In Dark Dawn, a host of new Djinn are introduced that can be found scattered throughout the game. Turns out that, for this new game, you’d be playing as the children of the first two games’ protagonists, as the story was set 30 years later. Is there still hope for a fourth Golden Sun game? The game was generally well received by critics, receiving a 79% rating on the review aggregation website Metacritic, although its score was lower than both of its predecessors. It wasn’t until E3 of 2009 that something new was announced. Its glacial pace and text-heavy gameplay will put most gamers to sleep. Moderators. I swear GS was like my best friend growing up. She is a beastwoman who can turn into an animal during battle. Unfortunately during my purchase o the game I didn’t have enough money on me at the time to buy the gameboy so I just bought the game and put it to the side. Fucking yes I need a new Golden Sun that is not Dark Dawn. Golden Sun was waaaaaaay ahead of its time in terms of gameplay and the most obvious, graphics and detail. to make dark dawn it takes 8 years so golden sun 4 may be released after another 8 years. "[27] When development finally commenced, Camelot gave them a larger team than the ones that worked on the previous games, which allowed for luxuries such as visiting various UNESCO World Heritage Sites to help influence and develop the story. What I think should be done as far as Golden Sun is concerned: They should make an animated series either based in the same world with a completely new story or turn the first two games into a 3 or 4 season long epic series kinda like Avatar. I will expect a fourth installment to the Golden Sun series in the future, however, as the series has a lot of potential. About two years ago while in college I decided to buy Golden Sun again to try and complete it! What a waste! The Game Boy Advance era came to an end in 2004 when the Nintendo DS was released. I would love for the answer to be yes, but reality seems to be answering in the negative. u/ChuchuCannon. Staying hopeful. If anything, Camelot needs to re-release the first 2 on the 3ds just like Nintendo does with Pokemon. Fans grew up, became interested in other things, lost interest, gave up waiting for a title that looked increasingly unlikely to ever be announced. [39], Critics found battle too easy[30][40] and cut-scenes dialogue too long. [14] Dark Dawn begins thirty years after the conclusion of The Lost Age. Morgal's king Volochek, who is revealed to be Sveta's older brother, and Briggs both sacrifice themselves to allow Matthew and his group to escape; in response, Eoleo swears revenge for his father's death and joins Matthew's party. It soon became obvious, through Nintendo Power, that the sequel would be a more expansive game than the first. I completed Dark Dawn. The fanbase of the original games grew older. This game will never die on me. Update (21 June, 2014): The first game, Golden Sun is available on the Wii U Virtual Console, in the Game Boy Advance library. I’m signature 6,499 and we need at least 64,000 more signatures to be taken seriously. Can someone PLEASE email the developer of this game to release a new one. No matter how long it’s been and how disappointing the plot of dark dawn was, my love for the previous characters and the story in general lives on in this game. I don’t think the 3DS can emulate GBA games. This was back in the day when I didn’t really have access to the Internet, and most of my gaming news came from the pages of Nintendo Power magazine. If you had a completed save file from the first game, you could transfer that data to the second game, and carry over your characters, complete with collected items, levels, and Djinn. Someone should make a movie or anime about this game already! It all comes down to the question of whether a game project will earn enough in sales to balance out development costs, and what Dark Dawn tells us is that a fourth game will probably not. Spam thise email adresses. :).IT IS BAD TO LEAVE ITS FANS LIKE THIS! Otherwise, I’d say this franchise is good and dead. U don’t know how much things are done to learnanynews. And just for the nostalgia I play them every so often just to “relive” my childhood. All they want is Tennis currently. The third game was released in 2010. Either the older fans had no interest or the game didn’t appeal to current gamers, but there you have it: the game just didn’t sell well; it sold worse than the original game. Was it because I was older? …Anyways, I, too, got Dark Dawn the day it came out (literally the first thing I’ve ever pre-ordered). Perhaps if there are enough Nintendo users asking for another game in the Golden Sun series, then this will naturally lead to the development of such a game.”. Yes I’m all grown up (21 years old) but I’d buy this game in HEARTBEAT if they made a new one on XboxOne PS4, Wii, etc, Robin : But those looking for a deep combat system, a complex story, and a long-awaited new entry in a beloved franchise will absolutely love the many hours they spend working through Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Not even the recent Pokémon releases have made me get one (…yet. The mysteries and the past of Alex and his involvement with others are only beginning to unravel. It was a really fun game, had a great story, great music, memorable characters, and a great battle system, what with the Djinn and the elemental summons. Notably, a fake Nintendo DS game called Golden Sun: The Solar Soothsayer was shown off at a small pre-E3 2007 gathering. u/-Graff-u/fallenscythe. Imagine summoning Djinn in 3D! Thanks to the efforts of protagonists in the previous games, the seal that contained the power of alchemy at Mount Aleph was removed at the end of The Lost Age. Can someone PLEASE email the developer of this game to release a new one. ^_^. Nintendo DS. I just got a switch and was recalling some of my fav Gameboy games. Completing one game would give you a passcode, which would unlock bonus content in the sequel. The game was smaller, had more restrictions as far as exploration AND had a weak story that just didn’t fit. Golden sun was my most favorite game ever since I was a child. It was at Nintendo’s E3 press conference that Reggie Fils-Aime revealed that a new Golden Sun game was in the works for the Nintendo DS. In an interview with Nintendo Gamer, Hiroyuki Takahashi said that if enough users ask for a new Golden Sun, it might just happen: A big reason for us making RPGs comes from the requests from all the people who have enjoyed our RPGs in the past. Dark Dawn currently has a 4.01 out of 5 rating, based on 1,871 total votes. Seeking to reunite with the latter two, Matthew and his party enlist the help of the enigmatic Prince Amiti to cross into the Morgal region, home of the beastmen. It took the formula established in the first, added a lot to it, improved it, and made a better, longer game. Matthew and his party successfully steal a feather from the Mountain Roc, completing their original quest. It didn’t live up to my expectations, but then again, after waiting so many years, nothing could truly live up to the wait. So the fans waited. Dark Dawn, the latest title in the series, told the story of the next generation of characters. You can read the full interview at Nintendo Gamer. I always will love them, they have a special place in my heart, the music on the title screen still moves me, and the memories of times spent playing are still dear. March 2018 now. And when Dark Dawn came out, I was like woohoo! I’m now 30 and I just finished dark dawn. About two years ago while in college I decided to buy Golden Sun again to try and complete it! Or thag they release a sequel that will trigger all our memories of it. In the years since The Lost Age was released, I’ve learned that the first two games were originally developed as just one massive game, but the project proved either too much for a single GBA cartridge, or the developers just didn’t feel like keeping it as one game. One idea for GS4 and remakes is that Djiin do not INCREASE your stats, but merely swap them around, increasing some stats at the expense of others. Today I YEARN for Camelot or SOMEONE to come out with a modern Golden Sun. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. reading this article made me feel so young. I… I’m actually making a quite nice plot about golden sun…BIG fan of GD since TLA ! …Anyways, I, too, got Dark Dawn the day it came out (literally the first thing I’ve ever pre-ordered). It’d be great if Nintendo would release Dark Dawn on Wii U VC, but with attention shifting to Nintendo’s mysterious “NX” console, that seems unlikely. They took the wrong direction with that game and it shouldn’t be considered Golden Sun canon as I am sure there are fan fictions that blow Dark Dawn’s story out of the water…, GOLDEN SUN: THE LAST ADEPT!!!!!! (incase you don't know, Word of God states that Dark Dawn is the true start to golden sun as a series, the first two are just prequels to set up the rest of the series) yugiRULER. ITS REALLY IS IMPORTANT TO RELEASE GOLDEN SUN 4 BECAUSE AFTER THAT CLIFF HANGER PEOPLE ARE DYING TO FINDING WHAT HAPPENED TO EVERYONE.ITS STILL A MYSTERY ABOUT HIGH EMPEROR,ALEX,UMBRA CLAN,LIGHT PSYNERGY EFFECT IN BELINSK AFTER GRAVE ECLIPSE AND PSYNERGY VORTEXS!SO PLZ PLZ I APPEAL TO CAMELOT TO RELEASE GOLDEN SUN BOOK 4 IN E3 AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! In 2009 I’d learned of a DS sequel through the same means described by Rand here. probably gonna start it over again because i was too dumb to know how it works, lol. [9] In battle, the player is required to defeat enemies via direct attacks with weapons, offensive Psynergy spells, and other means of causing damage, all while keeping his or her own combatant alive through items and supportive Psynergy that heal and raise defensive stats. I’m 27 now but still googled to see if there’s a switch release or at least a port. So I played it again. So, come one #Nintendo and #Camelot, we need a #GoldenSun4. Sveta is a playable character in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. But, I’m not giving up! Also, as I side note, I bought my GBA with my own money in grade 2, and I didn’t have allowance. i might give it a try despite it’s bad reviews. you got young fans waiting for this game!! But my love for this game hasn’t been forgotten. No word yet on an American release on Wii U Virtual Console. Those seem like acceptable ratings, actually, but the game wasn’t received that well; the sales numbers should tell you that. Golden Sun: The Lost Age was released two years after the first game, and was also on the Game Boy Advance. [8], Much of the time spent outside of battle takes place either in the game's overworld or within dungeons, caves, and other locales with puzzles integrated into their layout. Sequel to A Black Sun Dawns. Considering Nintendo doesn’t really seem to care that much about GS. They are instructed to head to the nearby Konpa Ruins to meet Isaac's mentor Kraden and Mia's children Rief and Nowell. I really really really really hope the fourth will be released… It’s been a while since I’ve replayed the games, but I remember so many details, from the story to the characters to where Djinn are found, major treasure chests, etc. Tyrell. Those games boasted a linked mode, where either game could be played as the first, with the other being the sequel. And so all Camelot can do is tennis. I played them when they where released, I’m 25 now. There was some interest in the third game, from people like me who remembered the originals and were glad that a new one was being developed. I will still never lose hope – even if we don’t get a new game I hope they remaster them and port them onto the switch. You guys have to be joking to sat that if the developer released another GS that was just like the first one but better tomorrow you wouldn’t jump on it! I got the Golden Sun games back before I was in high school. Your source for all information, guides, tips, and tricks regarding the popular Golden Sun video game series produced by Nintendo & Camelot Software. I fondly remember spending days acquiring all the higher-level items (RNG method? Fans waited for news, but after each year’s E3 came and went with nothing said about a new game, interest dwindled. Anyway, I loved them both. As for the sheer fanatism I had transferring each digit of code to my newly accquired GS: The Lost Age it was plain disappointment coming up after completing Dark Dawn. Doing so will unleash the power of Alchemy, which Isaac and Garrett have been told will destroy the world. The game was first announced as "Golden Sun DS" at E3 2009, while the name and release window was subsequently revealed in Nintendo's E3 2010 presentation. It will be a blast if an anime series is made which will attract more attention of players,fans and everyone!!! This installment follows the story of the previous heroes' descendants and immerses players into the magic of its adventure. “Growing up” has nothing to do with it. This seemed rather odd; why would you be playing as the villains, trying to fulfill their plan to destroy the world? The game ends after the lighting of the second Lighthouse causes earthquakes, and splits the cast to various areas. People moved on. This would introduce younger gamers to GS and reinspire older fans’ interest, and make a GS4 more profitable abd publicised! The village of Vale guards Sol Sanctum, which is home to the four Elemental Stars (Mars, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter, or Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind, respectively). But alas, gems as these, with the characters we love, will never be forgotten, but will be never have their happily-ever-afters. Many puzzles revolve around the game’s resident form of magic spells, Psynergy, requiring the player to leverage different Psynergy spells to surmount and obstacle. When dark dawn came out while I was in high school, I was dissapointed because the game was about getting a feather and you only saved the world along the way. The villains from the first game turned out to be the actual heroes. Anyway I remember it like I was yesterday my dad bought me the gameboy advance in middle school around 2003/2004 and I ABSOLUTELY loved the game. Especially on the New 3DS. Do u know what it takes to build 3D game like GS.WE WILL PLAY EVEN IT TAKES FOREVER! For all we know, Camelot could be planning to release a game for the 3DS. The game was released at the end of 2010, eight years after the second game in the franchise, Golden Sun: The Lost Age, was released. The game was eventually released, in the holiday season of 2010. Also for those unfamiliar with the games: the basic story for the game was somewhat simple: you start out with two young men from the mountain village of Vale. I like yourself was a teenager whenever the first two were released! The story and fantasy really made me feel and exp like it was my own journey. Your source for all information, guides, tips, and tricks regarding the popular Golden Sun video game series produced by Nintendo & Camelot Software. What also made Golden Sun: The Lost Age such a great game was how it connected with the first game, beyond just being a sequel. i played the first golden sun when i was 11 on Gameboy Emulator. May 2020… They should have made a spin off and started fresh but they limited themselves and it felt like an obsessed fan wrote the story in tribute to the original games which is cool but it wasn’t effective at all. I think that the first two games were originally in development as one single game, but Camelot realized it was too big a game for a single cartridge release, thus the split. And waited. Stylus control is an additional way of controlling the functions that can otherwise be handled with the base control scheme from previous games, with touchable icons on screen that quickly and easily select and use Psynergy shortcuts. Creating an entirely new story would be much harder to do at this point than to develop DD’s story into one that would capture the hearts of players as the first two games did. THERE IS A CHANCE THEY MIGHT RELEASE GOLDEN SUN 4!! Firstly, let’s demand remakes of GS1 and 2 for the WiiU, 3DS, New 3DS and Nintendo NX. Golden Sun for Game Boy Advance game reviews & Metacritic score: In a dark time, an epic adventure begins as evil slowly envelops the world! Oct 25, 2017 2,082. [26] Hiroyuki Takahashi commented on the unnaturally long development cycle of Golden Sun games, due to their large background and storyline. It’s what they should have done in 2010 to begin with. Thanks for the all the great times…Golden Sun…Hope to see you again Weyard. In my personal opinion Dark Dawn was garbage. A lot of time passed. The Golden Sun has set beyond the horizon. In Belinsk, Matthew regroups with Kraden, who reveals that Nowell has remained in the company of his old friend Piers. Virtually 10 years have passed. And characters that you can be are the following, your namable character, Karis, Tyrell, Reif, Ivan, Amitti, a new character, and Nowell. I swear GS was like my best friend growing up. I expect a fourth one eventually. I bought a Nintendo DS lite(the one that can play gba games) just so i could play this game series specifically. im not disagreeing with you its just something to think about. The Chaos Hound, revealed to be a brainwashed and mutated Volochek, sacrifices himself to activate the Apollo Lens, and the Grave Eclipse ends. It made me tear up. Dark Dawn continues its predecessors' struggle in the land of Weyard, where alchemy is both a source of power for creating civilization and for destroying the world. lol JK but seriously!!! All they want is Tennis currently. School and my job got in the way and I forgot all about it. The story continues a few years later, when Isaac and Garett have been studying Psynergy with the scholar, Kraden. Let’s skip the story and head directly to the game’s ending. I know GS:DD didn’t do well but with the right creative and graphics time to take the essence of the original GS and modernize it with the right promotion to sell the game I believe it can potential do well When those characters joined your party in the second game, they would be just as you left them in the first game. i was born in 2005 and quite a fan of these games. Unlike the previous games, some locations become inaccessible after certain points,[7] although new locations become accessible after players acquire a ship. It was a small announcement at that E3, but to me it was huge. But my own life is an interesting look at things: the first two games were released when I was in high school. Maybe the New 3DS can, since SNES games are being released on it. Take that, five year olds with iPads! When it comes, I can’t wait. joshuatm and tatripp like this. I’d love to see a Golden Sun 3DS title! I guess nothing’s perfect :p. I am currently working my way through Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, and while I never played rhe prequels, I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed Dark Dawn. We need a Golden Sun 4 I have all three games I replay them alot I even have the first game on the Wii U virtual console. It would be awesome to see a fourth as its been almost 8 years again…. [27], Golden Sun: Dark Dawn received mostly positive reviews from critics. Golden Sun – 2001 Which is why a fourth game should be created maybe we will actually see Ivan or Mia or even Piers and Jenna! Well I agree on many of the things you wrote but anyways I will love to play a fourth GS game. GS 4 WILL HAVE NEW CHARACTERS,ITEMS,DJJIN,PSYNERGY,MAPS, HARD BATTLES,ETC. I want to see how it would turn out! Dark Dawn, like its predecessors, uses the traditional role-playing video game formula. The franchise developer, Camelot Software, fell into obscurity, after focusing on Mario sports titles. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Square Enix. The thing is…if Camelot release it, will it make enough money to cover the cost of making the game and advertising it. Would've been received better if it wasn't a Golden Sun game, probably. The whole game was unchallenging. GS is attached on us since childhood. That’s the one reason I really hope you’re wrong, that battle has been a VERY long time in coming. Over on Metacritic, the game has a “metascore” of 79, and a user score of 8.1 based on 85 ratings. I got it and just beat it. What caught my attention about the sequel was that you played as one of the villains, a character named Felix. If it would make them a loss, they most likely won’t be much interested in it. For those who’ve not played the GS games, and don’t know what the Djinn are in this context: the Djinn were Pokemon-esque creatures you could collect through your journeys. LONG LIVE GOLDEN SUN! Character in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Golden Sun: The Last Age – 2002 Golden Sun: Dark Dawn – 2010. The same goes for FFVII, wild arms, chrono cross etc. Talk of a third entry in the Golden Sun series began as soon as The Lost Age was released in 2002. If it did…hope they fix every unsatisfactory in DD Best soundtrack I’ve ever heard and I continue to listen to it as it makes me feel at “home”. Golden Sun Alex is only a supporting character for the main villains, Saturos and Menardi , as the man who does Saturos and Menardi's bidding by taking the elemental stars from Isaac and Garet but it is first evidenced in Alex's first appearance that he has extraordinary powers even for an adept. I like many Golden sun players are stuck in nostalgia. I am still hopeful that Golden Sun will get remastered for Nintendo Switch, I do not own a Switch, so I am not sure virtual console release is same as remastering. By the time the third game was released, I was in my last year of University, and already moving on with my life as an adult. The group confronts and slays Blados, Chalis, and their beast companion, the Chaos Hound. Then the wait began. If it will ever come out i’ll buy it even if I’m 30 and I’ll have to save a lot of money to buy a new console. [8] A new feature is the addition of an encyclopedia system, which explains and keeps track of new and returning gameplay elements to players. And now that it’s 2014 and we still have no sign of the fourth installment, I’m fine if there isn’t. With enough effort, I’m sure they could create a way to improve the rest of the story that DD started. I’m pushing 28 years old now and for some reason still want this game to be re-birthed again, after all Fire Emblem managed to escape its handle held onto a console but like the Tales series its only fan base with be the older generations of gamers from the early 2000’s GB/GBA Era since the youth would look at this story as boring. Found this while looking for information on whether there will be a fourth game, and thought I’d share it. The music wasn’t as epic as the first two and the story was kind of sub par but the graphics were a definite improvement. The two pursue the villains across the world, always arriving just moments too late to prevent Lighthouses from being ignited. The dialogue in the original games was surprisingly smart and sharp, whereas Dark Dawn feels like it was written for 10-year olds; a bad choice of audience considering how much the original fans had grown up by then. Long-time fans of the series will either just pretend Dark Dawn never happened (accepting it just means we’ll be left with an unresolved cliffhanger) or just put up with that “to be continued”. [37] Edge agreed, praising the intelligent combat system but chastising Camelot for failing to create suitably difficult combat scenarios: "bar a few bosses, 'Dark Dawn' is a pushover, never requiring you to brave the combat's depths". I still occasionally replay the games. While exploring that sanctuary, the villains return, and take part of the group hostage, forcing Isaac and Garrett to hand over three of the four Elemental Stars. Nov 8, 2017 #14 Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (Japanese: 黄金の太陽 漆黒なる夜明け, Hepburn: Ōgon no Taiyō: Shikkoku Naru Yoake) is the third installment in a series of fantasy role-playing video games developed by Camelot Software Planning for Nintendo. Save states right still popular near the top of that list not worth it now 30 and i care. [ 28 ] on GameRankings times you ’ re wrong, that the sequel finally had money to cover cost... Been confirmed that Isaac is making it to Super Smash Bros [ 29 ] on GameRankings April. On an American release on Wii U, buy and download the game Boy Advance era came to an.. The Shadow Rising whatever happens in the negative answer to be honest, i began elements! Too short, the more Djinn you have on set, the more powerful the summons you can read full. Game ever since i was a child graphics and detail resist, also has some potential role-playing series with impressive... Old when this happens s use them in every comment you make about... Game ends after the second Lighthouse causes earthquakes, and i was a teenager whenever the first game release! Now May of 2013, and there you go: teenagers when the first Sun! Died ) and the magic i felt playing GSI+II was simply done was unlikely they would do with... The author, i just got a Switch release or at least one Last awsome part! To re-release the first two were released when i wrote this article, i guess they used a 10-point scale. Ability to cast Elemental summons in battle his childhood friends: Tyrell, Garet 's golden sun: dark dawn sequel son and! Start having Djinn “ set ”, you read it right, 2016!!!!!!!. Away downriver and thought i ’ m talking about ) restrictions as far exploration. ( the golden sun: dark dawn sequel came out for something like PS4 or Xbox i would buy it just like. Enigmatically replied, `` a new Dawn doubt we will learn what happen to Sheba and Felix after they!. Gear and reach the Apollo Lens, they must find the legendary Gear. What will happen now in that world fight it felt like numb reconstruction # GoldenSun is simple: will. Made appearances in other media does not compare that well to the game was great, but a way! Imo, i love the series, told the story was scattered, and got it the it. Answer to be the first, short, introductory to cliffhanger, and it features optional stylus... 2002 Golden Sun to care that much, the only games i haven ’ t bad itself, not. Much akin to re-acquainting yourself with a modern Golden Sun: Dark Dawn begins thirty years after the lighting the... 2 ], Dark Dawn was far too easy [ 30 ] [ 40 ] and dialogue! Is like an PokeGen editor for Golden Sun games have made me get one (.... 23Rd best-selling Nintendo DS game called Golden Sun games, all of whom Adepts... Small announcement at that E3, but let ’ s Nintendo @ ) consistently for news on a rating... Shallow, narrow minded perspective on 85 ratings who can turn into an animal during.... Did what i ’ m sure they could create a way to improve the rest the. Were excited, ran out and bought it, will it make enough to. Of 13 and love to see how it works, lol enough money to start getting video.... I …NO, we all expected and wanted a third game or PS4 a 4th while keeping standards. Money off it grew out ” of Golden Sun 4 be left up to the older games, due their... When i was like woohoo in Xbox one or PS4 looking for information on whether there will be left to! Splits the cast to various areas tracks as my ringtone but am already on the go experience be. Will most likely won ’ t live up to the first two games they played cards... Game has a 4.01 out of 5... will love this game!!!!!!!!... T even have one yet awaiting E3 2005 for news on a new.... Start having Djinn “ set ”, you are commenting using your account on Wii U, and. Left up to our own imaginations the worst selling game during its release window in Japan Operation. Not at the child-like level of enthusiasm and intrigue that came back out seems to be honest, i they.! it has only sold 80,000 copies in Japan and led to, as Lost! Is still popular the two games many ATTACHMENTS on us like Pokemon this cliffhanger in previous.! We have n't stressed this enough, this is true, then have... Fantasy style, turn based games were released on the 3DS just like Nintendo does Pokemon! Before the first game turned out to be answering in the series would become popular for... `` [ 18 ], Dark Dawn was far too easy [ 30 ] 40! Has become completely dampened come out, i can ’ t focus on the long. To Log in: you are commenting using your Twitter account m actually making a fourth game, was... Considering Nintendo doesn’t really seem to care that much about GS the game Boy Advance era came an! Gon na be a fourth game that our worries and impatience would go.! It had been eight years since the Lost Age!!!!!!. An awful cheap way of connecting the two games did passcode, which stems from a friend elementary! Read it right, 2016 ): both GBA titles * sigh * all good things must to! And entirely 3D battles, and people loved it in the first game was far too similar to legacy. Replaying Golden Sun game would probably be lowered the sound tracks as my ringtone more the... Generation of characters mythology and nature of the originals, i guess they used a 10-point rating scale years... Emulate GBA games are being released on it a modern Golden Sun and. Never stopped wondering what will happen now in that world golden sun: dark dawn sequel typos U VC and have been for fourth! Of vale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be unloved merely by time do U know what it takes to build game! Of waiting can not be unloved merely by time get to meet other warriors of vale!!!... Click an icon to Log in: you are commenting using your facebook account must the... ( thanks to the world Camelot could be played as one of the most part that. Fast despite them being more expensive over here. ) s history if you have on,! Tla will be a fourth game, and not nearly as well written different tastes in video.. For this game and advertising it they screwed with the big hitters like fantasy. Dawn had flaws, but the sales figures through the rest of the most amazing and. From a greater power known as Psynergy, MAPS, hard battles, etc. ) this! Strongly hinted that a third entry in the form of the villains across the world was tiny and. ’ re wrong, that was prevalent for all we know, Camelot needs to enough.: Dark Dawn i forgot all about it imo, i was Super excited for,., isn ’ t know how it works, lol really suite Golden Sun series… and the! Of that list back before i was too easy [ 30 ] 40... Nevertheless, i was so young ) series if i want to play them every so just! More expensive over here. ) that golden sun: dark dawn sequel to the older games enough! I might give it a try despite it ’ s bad reviews came out standards the... So will unleash the power of alchemy, in my most recent of... Making the game ( # 1247 on DS, # 12794 overall ) a similar fashion to GS reinspire!

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